anti cellulite crackling body mousse

deepkineticell sm
A crackling mousse that works to firm and tone the skin, reducing the appearance of "the orange peel" effect.
When applied to the skin it releases a series of air type bubbles that crackle until the product is fully absorbed. The skin feels fresh and revitalised, and even upon the first application the skin appears more smooth and hydrated.
The body is sculptured, skin is more toned and smooth in just 2 weeks*
(*based on consumer perception testing on a sample of 35 people)
4 synergic actions for the body you desire
    • Reduces cutaneous water retention thanks to the presence of ivy, birch and Asiatic centella extract
    • Tones and firms thanks to the soja bean and hop extract
    • Stimulates cutaneous metabolism thanks to carnitine, caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, cocoa and alga extract.
    • Hydrates and nourishes luxuriating the skin with pomegranate extract.
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anti-age & body shaping treatment

pinkangel sm
PINK ANGEL is the original anti-age and body shaping treatment by a pink mousse enriched with Golden Mica Powder.
Wrap your bodywith your Angel of Beauty. Obtain and keep the youth of a tonic and beautiful body. With its reducing effect, the innovative formulation of Pink Angel redefines body contours and smoothens and turn the skin divinely velvety.
Reducing, Firming, Brightening, Rejuvenating
    • Prevents skin relaxation with a strong toning-up effect
    • Improves the tone, compactness, elasticity of the skin especially in areas such as buttocks, legs, harms, breast and neck
    • Fights against free radicals preventing skin ageing
    • Helps micro-circulation
    • Restores hydration and keeps the skin smooth and soft as silk
    • Provides your body with a sweet and gentle scent matched to a pleasant feeling of freshness
    • Brightens your skin thanks to a very thin Golden Mica Powder


The secrets of the formulation
Pink Angel is a real body treatment working on two levels:
    • Unblocks and moves fats pushing them to reduce (Liporeductyl®)
    • Turns your skin younger, more compact, more toned and more elastic by lifting immediate effect (Proteasyl®)
Price: $59.90 pdf-iconDownload Brochure