Hair Reduction

Safe and Reliable
Selectively targets and destroys only the hair follicles while avoiding high heat levels for the safest light-based treatment available.

Simple and Easy
A plug-and-pulse system that requires no cooling gels or pre-treatment procedures.

Quick Treatment Time
With the largest spot size around, even large body areas can be treated quickly and efficiently.

Unbeatable Value
The innovative technology makes for a much more efficient and cost-effective system the client.
Consultations starting at just $80.00
" Safe, simple & affordable permanent hair removal for men and women "

The LHE treatment has been a real success for me, tweezers no longer dominate my life. I have felt safe with this procedure because of the professional advice and great follow-up that Leanne has given me.
...Susan Short


 Hair Removal for Men and Women

h-removal-smUnique Hair and Beauty is thrilled to offer a new generation in hair removal systems. Using LHE (Light Heat Energy) technology enables hair removal from virtually every part of the body (except the eyebrows), safely, quickly and efficiently. A series of 5-10 treatments is all it takes for lasting removal of excess and unwanted hair and the great feeling accompanied by it. Thanks to the unique technology and very large spot size, each treatment is safe, simple and quick, with virtually no side effects or discomfort.
Approximately 80 percent of men and women aged 16 to 60 regularly remove face and body hair. However, concerns over cost and safety of light-based hair removal treatments have discouraged many people.
LHE light-based hair removal answers the needs and concerns of our clients. Its low energy levels create an ultra-safe treatment that requires minimal if any preparation or skin cooling.
With our new service we are setting new standards in the tedious and constant chore of removing unwanted or excessive hair.
LHE targets the melanin in the hair shaft. With the light as its guide, heat is directed to the hair shaft and then the follicle itself. By harnessing the heat instead of discarding it, LHE creates a more efficient process that gently raises the temperature in the hair shaft and effectively destroys the hair bulb and follicle without harming the surrounding tissue. The energy level is adjusted prior to treatment based on your skin type and hair colour. Flashes of broad spectrum light and head are applied to the target area which feels like a rubber band ping with some associated heat! As the heat is conducted down the hair follicle the temperature destroys the hair. The combined heat and light energy results in the destruction of the hair follicle. Over the next few days/weeks the destroyed hair will fall away naturally leaving smooth skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it permanent?
Yes. On each visit, a client will experience a certain percentage of permanent hair loss, usually between 15- 30% of treated hairs.
After 5-10 visits, 99% of hairs in treated areas should disappear.

Is it safe?
Yes. A skilled technician will offer very safe treatment with the least amount of skin reaction. Clients will be provided with the aftercare instructions that address any complications following treatment. For extremely sensitive skins, there may be some minor side effects, but most of them can be cured with simple home-care procedures by the client.

Is the treatment painful?
No. Most clients find the treatment to be extremely tolerable. For others who may experience a slight discomfort, we recommend the application of a topical anesthetic like Ela-Max or Emla prior to treatment.

Will my skin be red and swollen?
No. There is little or no irritation or discomfort after treatment.
In fact, many clients often choose to receive one treatment session during their lunch break.

How many treatments will I need?
In the majority of cases, 5 to 10 treatments are necessary.
Hair growth follows its own life cycles, so our treatment plan is spread over time to capture hairs of different growth phases. Clients who are tweezing frequently may need more frequent treatments for the first 3 months (once every 2 or 3 weeks) so that we can be sure to treat all of the underlying growth at least once during a three month period. Areas that have not been tweezed or waxed can be scheduled at 6 to 8 week intervals.

What should I do before a treatment?
Shaving is fine, but we would recommend not tweezing.
We need to shave the area prior to treatment anyway. So the area can be shaved between visits.

 How the LHE process works...

flashesFlashes of broad spectrum light and heat are applied to the target area.
lightLight is drawn to the melanin in the hair, raising the temperature of the hair follicle.
heatHeat energy from the lamp is conducted down the hair shaft, increasing the hair follicle temperature.
combinedThe combined energies of light and heat result in the destruction of the hair follicle.
lhe-hairThe result is long-term hair removal for hair-free skin.

Leanne's Own Story

leanne reduction"I had a hideous problem with excess growth of facial hair. It was embarrassing and I was so uncomfortable, lacking in confidence and acutely aware of my problem. I was forever checking mirrors for new growth and constantly plucking out hair. Every morning before work, I'd sit with my tweezers removing hairs. If I was going to appointments, I'd check the rear vision mirror before getting out of the car and out would come the tweezers. It was demoralising. And it's so personal - it's not something you discuss with anyone."
"I read a magazine article about LHE technology and decided to try it - you'll try anything to alleviate the situation and it worked brilliantly, effectively turning my life around."
"I wanted to be able to give this new lease on life to other people, females and males. After comprehensive training in the consultation, evaluation and treatment processes, I became an LHE accredited professional. Since I've started, success stories have been such that my clientele has grown rapidly in a short time. It's a testament to the treatment's success and something that I can personally vouch for!"