natural total body re-juvenating skin treatment

42 collagen bodywave rosa
42 Collagen BodyWave
Is the first aesthetic machine providing a total body re-juvenating skin treatment (by Collagen Activator 633 nm Light Tubes) and slimming treatment (by Beauty Vibro Plate)
Collagen Activator 633 nm are specific tubes, designed to emit a very narrow frequency band focused on 633 nm. Instead of other technologies for skin re-juvenation (Laser, IPL), photo-stimulation by Collagen
Activator 633 nm tubes works without temperature increase and without damaging any tissue. Emitted light is red, athermic and suitable for all kinds of skin. The related treatment is not-invasive and does not require any specialized operator.
Do I need collagen treatment?
From around the age of of 30, our body tends to progressively produce an inferior amount of collagen and this causes skin ageing. Exactly like photosynthesis for vegetable cells, photo-stimulation is an absolutely natural process, based on the fact that human cells (and then also skin ones) contain lightreceptors. According its wavelength, some specific processes of biological response are started. 42 Collagen BodyWave is the first aesthetic machine providing a total-body re-juvenating skin treatment by Collagen Activator 633 nm Light Tubes.
Combined slimming treatment
Beauty Vibro Plate PLUS programs are conceived in order to match re-juvenating sessions. ANTICELL/SLIMMING/TONING treatment session has indeed a total length of minimum 15 minutes, with higher and lower alternated frequencies. Beauty Vibro Plate PLUS works at low hertz, improves microcirculation and enhances the effect of photo-stimulation.

Benefits gained from our total body collagen treatment include;

Doesn't interfere with life style. You are free to continue everyday activities

Natural treatment that encourages normal cellular activity

Pain free. Causes no redness or temporary alteration of the skin

End result is completely natural

No side effects, & no particular precautions need to be taken

It is an easy no fuss treatment

Noticeable results will be achieved after 5 to 7 treatments

Some medical condition aren't suitable for 42 collagen treatment including; Pregnancy, Epilepsy, People who wear pacemakers, Serious forms of diabetes. Salon staff will advise suitability during an initial consultation.
42 Collagen Bodywave prices

$45 per session

$200 for 5 sessions

$375 for 10 sessions

For best results we recommend clients have at least 10 treatments.
As environmental & lifestyle conditions deplete collagen, periodic follow-up treatments are advised.
A comprehensive manual & brochure on 42 Collagen BodyWave is available below
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